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The Fun Focus Play Assessments

A Personalised Approach To Training Adult Dogs

A Reactive Dog Assessment or The Fun Focus Play Assessment?

Recognising that your canine companion needs help and taking those initial steps to assist them is truly commendable. Often dog owners deny that their dog has issues and wait until they are no longer able to control the problem behaviour before even thinking of seeking help.

Here at Nightsabre Dog Training, I am devoted to understanding your dog's unique personality and behaviour traits. Each dog is an individual and I am committed to understanding your dog's distinct needs and providing personalised guidance to solve the issues you are facing. There are no generic approaches—just a genuine commitment to you and your canine companion.

In order to deliver the tailored, individualised training that each dog deserves, I conduct assessments for all adult dogs.

Ready to embark on this personalised training journey? Select the assessment that aligns with your dog's needs, and let's start this transformative experience together!

Reactive Dog Assessments

Understanding your dog's unique responses is crucial in fostering a harmonious relationship. Our Reactive Dog Assessment is crafted for those canine companions who might show unexpected reactions in situations where I would expect a normal dog to remain calm.

When is a Dog Reactive?

For me, a reactive dog is one that responds unexpectedly to certain stimuli and in certain situations, these reactions may take the form of lunging towards the stimuli, barking, hiding, running away or becoming anxious. While most dogs take new experiences in their stride, a reactive dog might exhibit behaviours that can be challenging to manage.

Whether it's anxiety, fear, or overstimulation, the Reactive Dog Assessment provides a nuanced understanding of why your dog is behaving inappropriately and allows me to formulate a plan to help you and your dog overcome these issues, guiding you to a place where you can navigate the world together with confidence.

Fun Focus Play Assessments

Every dog is as unique as their paw print, and I understand that not all thrive in bustling group class environments. Some dogs need calm and controlled environments while others thrive in a more challenging environments.

The Fun Focus Play Assessment is designed to understand your furry friend's individual needs. This comprehensive evaluation helps me understand your challenges with your dog, allow me to observe your dog and then recommend the best way forward to tackle your struggles head on.

Why an Assessment?

Not all adult dogs are cut out for group classes from the get-go. Some might be a bit anxious, overly distracted, or simply prefer a more individualised approach to learning. The Fun Focus Play Assessment allows me to identify your dog's comfort level, ensuring you embark on a training journey that suits their temperament and sets them up for success.

Reactive Dog Assessments

Adult dog Assessments

What Our Clients Are Saying...

My first contact with Natasja at Nightsabre was after we rescued our Lurcher. Bracken was reactive to people and most especially other dogs, in most other areas she was what you would expect from an excitable 2-year-old with high energy and very high chase drive.

Natasja came to assess her needs and we started on one to one training sessions for the next 4 weeks, after which Natasja thought she may be ok to attend weekly mixed classes. All the while we practiced the skills that we had been taught and watched her progress from week to week.

We have benefited tremendously from Natasja teaching us how to help our dog, turns out our pup is pretty good!

I have been around dogs for years but have a much better understanding and level of communication now thanks to Natasja softly-softly and fun approach.

Bracken is already as good as we want her but we will continue to go to classes because it’s great fun for us both.

I highly recommend Natasja at Nightsabre, her love of dogs and ability to train their owners is clear to see."

Steve Jones

Owner of Bracken

My adolescent Hungarian Vizsla and I went to Natasja after she was recommended by a fellow Vizsla owner.

He had begun to react to other dogs and some humans. She was brilliant with us and taught me how to engage him in games which trained things like disengaging from triggers, how to settle on a mat, impulse control harnessing his gundog instincts and so much more.

With the patience of a saint she tolerated his goofy personality, cheeky jumping dog snogs and my awful habit of saying commands over and over and over!

We still use the techniques she gave us. Learning with Natasja fuelled a growing interest in dog behaviour and contributed to having the confidence to keep learning and to start working in the industry, walking reactive dogs.

I will always be grateful to her for helping both of us."

Helen Ward

Busy Reactive Dog Walker from Bournemouth

I started taking my dog to Hoopers training classes because he loves being with me and learning new things. We started attending Hoopers in March 2020.

In a fairly short time, Henry earned his Level 1 & 2 Rosettes. In order to achieve this, he had to learn to turn in different directions, to move away from me and to read my body language as this helps him to go in the right direction.

These skills are great fun at Hoopers classes but they are also useful when we are out on walks.

Natasja is an excellent trainer. She gives clear instructions and also demonstrates with her own dogs.

If Henry or I make a mistake Natasja pinpoints where I have gone wrong and helps me put it right. All the training is reward-based and there is no pressure on either dogs or handlers.

We are having fun, learning lots in the process and building a stronger bond between us."

Cynthia Metcalf

Owned by Henry

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