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Unlock Your Dog's Full Potential

Is your dog's behaviour causing you concern and frustration? Perhaps you're experiencing difficulties with their obedience, or maybe they're showing signs of aggression or anxiety that are making daily life a struggle. Dealing with these issues alone can be overwhelming.

The stress and anxiety that can result from your dog's behaviour issues are not just hard on your furry friend but can take a toll on your relationship as well. It's not just about "training" your dog but understanding their unique needs and working together to find solutions. With group classes, your dog might not get the individualized attention they require.

Here's where my one-to-one training sessions come in. Offering a personalized approach that is tailored to your dog's unique challenges and your specific goals.

Getting to the root of the problem and providing focused guidance and support is essential when dealing with specific training or behavioural issues. Whether you have a new puppy and need to lay a solid training foundation, or you're dealing with behavioural issues, I have four specialized one-to-one training options that address your needs:

Start off on the right paw with your new puppy.

Option 1: Pawdawan Puppy In-Home Visits

The Pawdawan Puppy In-Home Visit is a personalized puppy training experience that comes to your doorstep. Home Visits provide an all-encompassing solution for the unique challenges of early puppy parenthood. From setting up a safe and welcoming home for your new furry family member to addressing common puppy issues, I've got it all covered:

Puppy-Proofing Your Home: I'll guide you and help you create a safe environment for your puppy, so you can relax knowing they're safe and protected in your home.

New Puppy Integration: Bringing a new puppy into your home is a big step and a huge adventure for your new puppy. I can help you navigate your puppy's introduction into her new environment, helping you manage her transition from leaving the home she was born and raised in to your home without leaving her feeling overwhelmed and scared ensuring a smooth transition. Offering help and advise on how to tackle those first few days in her new home.

Introducing New Pets: If you have existing pets, we'll show you how to introduce them to your new puppy to ensure they all get along harmoniously.

Toilet Training: Every puppy will come with her own toilet training challenges. Let me show you my fool proof way to banishing those accidents! I'll guide you through toilet training, making your home cleaner and more comfortable for everyone.

Puppy Biting and Mouthing: All puppies bite. The key is in managing those needle sharp teeth, understanding your puppies chewing needs and how to achieve proper bite inhibition to avoid painful nipping and to build trust.

Foundation Training: Start with the basics of sit, down, introducing the lead and recall, giving your puppy a strong foundation for future learning.

Personalized In-Home Guidance:

My home visits provide a relaxed, one-on-one setting where your puppy feels comfortable. I tailor the training to your puppy's unique personality, focusing on the issues that matter most to you. Whether it's creating a secure home or addressing specific behaviours, my home visits bring the expertise to your doorstep.

Start your puppy's training journey right where you and your puppy need it most – at home. With personalized, hands-on guidance, your new puppy will quickly grow into a well-adjusted, obedient, and cherished member of your family.

Ready to get started on this exciting adventure with your puppy? Book your Pawdawan Puppy In-Home Visit today, and let me guide you through the joys of puppy parenthood!

Option 2: Private Fun | Focus | Play Training Packages

Transforming Troubles into Triumphs

Are you facing specific training challenges with your dog?

The Private Fun Focus Play Training packages are tailored to address individual training issues, helping you and your furry companion overcome obstacles and flourish together. Whether it's improving recall, mastering leash manners, calming their excitement when guests arrive, or curbing those jumping habits, we've got you covered:

Recall Reinforcement: If your dog's selective hearing has become an issue, we'll work together to build a reliable recall that ensures they come back when called.

Lead Walking: Say goodbye to pulling and frustrating walks. Our expert training sessions will have your dog walking politely by your side.

Home Comfort and Settling: Create a calm and relaxed atmosphere at home and when away. We'll teach your dog how to settle and find comfort in their surroundings.

Jumping Up: No more muddy paws on your clothes! Our training helps your dog greet people politely and resist the urge to jump up.

Polite Manners: From table manners to impulse control, we'll fine-tune your dog's behavior, so they're a joy to be around.

Off-Lead Freedom: Train your dog to enjoy off-lead adventures responsibly. No more worries about them running off as soon as they're let loose.

Targeted Solutions for Training Challenges:

The Private Fun Focus Play Training packages offer customized training solutions for your specific needs. Together, we'll work through the issues that have been causing frustration, making every day with your dog more enjoyable and harmonious.

With expert guidance and personalized training plans as part of your training package, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to reinforce positive behaviours and address training challenges head-on. Say goodbye to those pesky problems and hello to a well-behaved, happy dog.

Ready to embark on this exciting training journey? Book your Private Fun Focus Play Training package today, and let's overcome those training hurdles together!

Option 3: Private Hoopers Training

Unlock Your Dog's Full Hooping Potential

Do you dream of you and your dog becoming a Hoopers superstars, mastering the art of agility and grace on the course, choreographed to perfection by your handling skills ? My Private Hoopers Training Sessions are your gateway to this exciting world of canine athleticism.

What to Expect:

Personalized Coaching: This isn't a one-size-fits-all approach. Our experienced trainers will work with you and your dog to understand your unique goals and challenges, tailoring each session to your specific needs.

Monthly Training Package: Rome wasn't build in a day and transforming you and your dog into superstars will take a practice and regular training sessions with me. Your journey begins with a month's worth of dedicated one-to-one sessions. We'll meet regularly, ensuring consistent progress and providing ample opportunities for you and your dog to shine.

Equipment Mastery: Whether your dog is new to Hoopers or already has some experience, we'll guide you through the nuances of each piece of equipment. From hoops to tunnels, barrels, and gates, your dog will gain confidence and competence with every session.

Sequence Building: As you and your dog develop your skills, we'll delve into the art of piecing together challenging sequences and courses. Your dog will learn to navigate intricate routes with precision and enthusiasm.

Distance Handling: Achieve control and connection even when your dog is working away from you. Our trainers will equip you with the techniques to guide your dog through longer distances with confidence.

Fun & Focus: Hoopers is all about enjoying the journey, and we ensure it's a joyful experience for both you and your furry companion. Together, you'll uncover the power of play as a motivating reward, deepening your bond and enhancing the learning process.

Why Choose One-to-One Hoopers Training?

These sessions are perfect for those who want to fast-track their dog's Hoopers abilities, or require a flexible, personalized approach. Whether your goal is to compete in Hoopers or simply enjoy it as a recreational activity, our Private Hoopers Training is designed to meet you where you are and take you to where you want to be.

Ready to embark on this exciting Hoopers adventure? Join me for a month of intensive training, honing your dog's skills to the highest level. Become the team to watch in the Hoopers arena!

Experience the thrill of Hoopers with One-to-One Training.

Option 4: Reactive Dog Training

Turning Fear into Confidence, Aggression into Affection — Unleash Your Dog's Inner Peace.

Is your dog struggling with fear, aggression, or anxiety?

Do you worry about how they react in various situations, causing stress for both of you?

It's time to transform your canine companion into a more relaxed, well-adjusted, and joyful friend through my specialized Reactive Dog Training.

What to Expect:

Personalized Behavioural Coaching: Reactive dog issues come in many forms, and each dog is unique. As a fully qualified behaviourist and experienced dog trainer, I will work closely with you and your dog to identify the underlying causes and triggers, customizing a training program tailored to their specific needs.

Comprehensive Behaviour Assessment: By starting to indentify and understand the root cause of your dog's reactivity I am able to personalise my approach to help you and your dog. Fear aggression, territorial behaviour, severe anxiety, resource guarding, separation-related issues, or excessive barking all have different root causes and by identifying why your dog is behaving the way it is and what is maintaining that behaviour I can create an effective plan to help your dog overcome these challanges.

Positive Reinforcement: My approach is rooted in positive reinforcement. I aim to build your dog's confidence, teaching them alternative behaviours and helping them make positive associations with their triggers.

Changing behaviour: By introducing a systematic and controlled process of exposing your dog to it's triggers, coupled with positive experiences designed to safeguard your dog's emotional reactions we will, over time, be able to help your dog learn to react differently in those challenging situations.

Training Progress Tracking: I understand that every small victory is a big step. You'll receive support and guidance throughout your dog's journey, complete with assessments and progress tracking to celebrate each success.

Ongoing Support: Reactive dog issues require time and patience. I'll be there for you with ongoing support and adjustments to the training program as needed.

Why Choose Reactive Dog Training?

My specialized Reactive Dog Training offers a compassionate and holistic approach to helping dogs overcome their reactivity. It's not just about managing the symptoms; it's about addressing the underlying causes to ensure long-lasting behavioural changes. By choosing my program, you're investing in your dog's well-being, happiness, and your peace of mind.

Transform your reactive dog into a relaxed and happy companion. Whether it's fear reactivity, resource guarding, separation-related issues, or excessive barking, I am here to help your dog thrive.

Experience the joy of having a well-adjusted, stress-free dog with my Reactive Dog Training, and start by booking a Reactive Dog Assessment today.


One-to-one training is all about your dog and your unique situation. I provide expert guidance, targeted solutions, and the personalized support you need to make a real difference. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to a well-behaved, happy, and well-adjusted dog. Let's take the first step together towards a more harmonious life with your furry companion.

Ready to transform your dog's behaviour and your relationship with them?

Don't wait, book your personalized one-to-one training package today.

Start off

on the

right Paw

Transform Troubles into Thriumphs

unlocking Hoopers potential

Turning Fear



What Our Clients Are Saying...

My first contact with Natasja at Nightsabre was after we rescued our Lurcher. Bracken was reactive to people and most especially other dogs, in most other areas she was what you would expect from an excitable 2-year-old with high energy and very high chase drive.

Natasja came to assess her needs and we started on one to one training sessions for the next 4 weeks, after which Natasja thought she may be ok to attend weekly mixed classes. All the while we practiced the skills that we had been taught and watched her progress from week to week.

We have benefited tremendously from Natasja teaching us how to help our dog, turns out our pup is pretty good!

I have been around dogs for years but have a much better understanding and level of communication now thanks to Natasja softly-softly and fun approach.

Bracken is already as good as we want her but we will continue to go to classes because it’s great fun for us both.

I highly recommend Natasja at Nightsabre, her love of dogs and ability to train their owners is clear to see."

Steve Jones

Owner of Bracken

My adolescent Hungarian Vizsla and I went to Natasja after she was recommended by a fellow Vizsla owner.

He had begun to react to other dogs and some humans. She was brilliant with us and taught me how to engage him in games which trained things like disengaging from triggers, how to settle on a mat, impulse control harnessing his gundog instincts and so much more.

With the patience of a saint she tolerated his goofy personality, cheeky jumping dog snogs and my awful habit of saying commands over and over and over!

We still use the techniques she gave us. Learning with Natasja fuelled a growing interest in dog behaviour and contributed to having the confidence to keep learning and to start working in the industry, walking reactive dogs.

I will always be grateful to her for helping both of us."

Helen Ward

Busy Reactive Dog Walker from Bournemouth

I started taking my dog to Hoopers training classes because he loves being with me and learning new things. We started attending Hoopers in March 2020.

In a fairly short time, Henry earned his Level 1 & 2 Rosettes. In order to achieve this, he had to learn to turn in different directions, to move away from me and to read my body language as this helps him to go in the right direction.

These skills are great fun at Hoopers classes but they are also useful when we are out on walks.

Natasja is an excellent trainer. She gives clear instructions and also demonstrates with her own dogs.

If Henry or I make a mistake Natasja pinpoints where I have gone wrong and helps me put it right. All the training is reward-based and there is no pressure on either dogs or handlers.

We are having fun, learning lots in the process and building a stronger bond between us."

Cynthia Metcalf

Owned by Henry

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